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Welcome to the Community of Knowledge and Best Practices for The National Consortium for the Advancement of Long Duration Energy Storage (LDES) Technologies, (i.e., “LDES National Consortium”).  The United States Department of Energy defines LDES as storage systems capable of delivering electricity for 10 or more hours in duration.

The LDES National Consortium provides a forum through which stakeholders across the LDES ecosystem can convene to identify barriers, determine potential synergies, and collaboratively develop and implement strategies necessary to achieve LDES technology commercialization within the next decade.  

A Leadership Team powered by the knowledge, expertise, and relationships possessed by six U.S. National Laboratories will guide a broad network of industry and community stakeholders (i.e., “Teaming Partners”) to collaboratively develop a set of actionable recommendations to address identified challenges facing LDES technologies. The output will be a comprehensive plan for LDES commercialization that can be offered to diverse regions, markets, communities, and end-use customers. 

The LDES National Consortium will enable, facilitate, and coalesce collaborative efforts between public and private entities to address the core issues facing LDES commercialization including, but not limited to: investor confidence, technology development, market planning, regulation, project demonstration & deployment, interconnection, standardization, safety, and economic evaluation. 

The Official Project Charter for the LDES National Consortium can be viewed here.

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